BotBoxer Is Your Robotic Boxing Trainer, Partner, And Opponent

Whether you’re a competitive boxer or are just looking for an upper-body cardio workout, finding a boxing partner is tough. No one wants to get punched in the face for you to get better. Smacking a punching bag can only help you so much. That’s why BotBoxer was born. It’s the perfect blend of technology to help make you a better boxer.

When you see your new training partner, it isn’t that interesting. It looks like a normal red punching bag on a tall pole. Until you turn it on. Then, you try and land a few punches at it automatically dodges away faster than a word-class fighter. You finally land a punch and the screen besides you shows that you made contact. You step back in amazement then wham! the BotBoxer knocks you out cold while your guard is down. Just kidding, it doesn’t hit back.

Using a massive array of sensors, the BotBoxer sees (literally) and senses your every move. It anticipates your punches and then reacts to them to make you work harder. Training with it will help increase the speed and velocity behind your strikes. A pre-loaded set of drills and training sessions will help get you on your feet, but the workouts are fully customizable.

As you train, the BotBoxer will store your data so you can see where you need to improve. Then, when you’re ready for the main event, strap on your gloves for a fight. The BotBoxer will take on human qualities like limited endurance and put your skills to the test in a real simulated fight.

Unlike any boxing training equipment on the market, the BotBoxer is built to be your all-in-one training partner (that doesn’t complain when you hit it). Buy Here




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