The Brabus 800 Adventure XLP Is a Powerful Pickup With Its Own Drone Landing Pad

When you look at the Mercedes-AMG G63, you can see that it’s a fully capable, powerful, and formidable beast. How do you top that and still have that signature blocky look? Brabus, the German high-performance aftermarket tuning company is stepping it up. Brabus is the largest Mercedes tuner and also specializes in Smart and Maybach vehicles. The company was founded in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann who wanted to customize his cars, but found that most customizers couldn’t grasp his vision. He decided to start his own brand, establishing Brabus.

Taller, longer, and more powerful than the G63

The Brabus Adventure XLP takes the standard Mercedes-AMG G63 and takes it up a notch. It has a 20-inch-longer wheelbase, taller ride height, and big off-road wheels. It rides a lot higher than a standard G-class thanks to Brabus’s newly designed suspension with portal axles. The coil-over suspension kit gives the truck a 19.2-inch ground clearance. The 800 Adventure XLP is powered by the same twin-turbo 4.-liter V-8 engine as the G63, but its output is increased to 800-horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque. This beast is claimed to get to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. The truck is also equipped with a high-performance side-exit exhaust system along with a Boost Xtra sound kit for the bypass valve. That means a nice and loud obnoxious sound.

There are plenty of upgrades to add to the base, including an optional luggage rack on the roof. You can also opt for a carbon wind deflector with four LED lights mounted on the front. Custom upgrades also include a fully customizable interior, including aluminum pedals, door-lock pins, and paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Brabus also has its own upholstery shop, which gives customers endless options to truly make the truck their own. One other unnecessary, but awesome, addition is that the truck comes with its own 150-mph electrically powered drone and with that, a takeoff and landing bed. The less powerful base model, the Brabus 700 Adventure XLP, starts at $424,155 in Europe, while the First Edition 800 Adventure XLP will set you back around $626,300. Buy Here

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