Cool Off For The Summer In A Brabus Shadow 900 Sun-Top And Spyder Black Ops Edition

There’s no better way to stay cool in the summer than with your very own boat. While it isn’t a reality for everyone, it’s something that all of us can dream of.

When doing so, you might as well dream of the best. This summer, the boats to look at are the new Brabus Shadow 900 Spyder Black Ops Edition and Shadow 900 Sun-Top. The new models have everything you could ever look for in a luxury sport boat. They are fast, lean, and technically-advanced.

Best Of The Best

It’s clear to see that Brabus’ boats are top-notch. Perhaps that’s because they are all hand-built with a focus on precision quality. The Brabus Shadow 900 Black-Ops is a limited edition model with just 37 created. As such, it goes through a rigorous process of inspections to ensure it lives up to the Brabus quality that consumers have come to expect.

The limited-edition boat comes in a coat of Gunmetal Grey paint combined with Brabus’ vibrant red exterior seating. It’s a striking combination that can’t be mistaken.

Focused On The Captain

Brabus’ boats feature a revolutionary hull with flawless hydrodynamics developed through countless hours of research and development. The Shadow 900 can reach a top speed of over 50 knots.

It harnesses the power of Mercury Marine’s latest dual 450R Verado XL 4.6-liter V8 FourStroke engine. Paired with Joystick Piloting, the Shadow 900 is a picture of both power and grace. It can race across the waves or dock easily and smoothly.

Better yet, the boat weighs just 320kg. That’s about 135kg lighter than its nearest competitor. Even so, it has 40 percent more torque. For those looking for an unrivaled boat, the Shadow 900 is the way to go. Learn more

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