Brazilian Jiujitsu, You Don’t Have To Know How To Spell It To Try It

You are never too young or too old to learn self-defense. So, let Cody Orrison give you a 90 minute, in depth session on how to protect yourself. In this session you will learn not only the fundamental movements of Brazilian Jiujitsu, Orrison will also teach you the science behind the practice. One of the more interesting aspects of this training session is he teaches you how to escape from unsafe situations without harming yourself or your attacker. Fortunately, you’ll also learn plenty of moves that do hurt should you need to use them.

Real-Life Application

After the training session, participants will be able to put their new skills to the test through simulations mirroring real life situations. This unique experience will give you the confidence of knowing you can apply the new things you learned. You won’t just be thrown back out into the world and hope you remember should the time come you need to defend yourself.

Your instructor, Cody Orrison, has 15 years of marital arts experience under his black belt. Orrison was promoted to black belt by no one other than Jake Shields. For those who don’t know, he is the founder of American Jiujitsu. So yes, Orrison knows what he’s doing and after a session with him you will too. Although Orrison trains high level competitive athletes he loves teaching Brazilian Jiujitsu to beginners in a safe environment.

One-person sessions are available as well as groups of two to four people. This in-depth training session not only benefits you, all tickets purchased help the Life is Good foundation. If you ask us, we are having a hard time finding a downside to try this out. You get to learn a new skill, benefit a charity, and it’s a great date idea.

Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

That’s right, we said it. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and who wants to go out for a fancy dinner? Getting strangled by your neck tie, tripping in your heels doesn’t sound like a good night. Instead, take your valentine out for an experience they won’t soon forget and learn a skill that will never go out of style. It is the perfect way to shake things up and spice up a night out.

Now, we know thinking about having to defend yourself is not exactly pleasant, but Cody Orrison is giving you the opportunity to lean and apply useful skills in a safe environment. And who knows, you may not even have to use them ever. Just saying you know Brazilian Jiujitsu and you are not afraid to use it is scary enough. Maybe take the class though just in case.


So, take a chance on yourself and see what this class is all about. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it so much that you’re ready to get a black belt of your own. Okay, okay, maybe you’ll at least like it enough to go for a second lesson. Regardless, you’ll leave feeling more confident walking around town at night, by yourself, or whenever else you’re around people. Buy Here


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