Brick + Mortar Candles Will Have Your Man Cave Smelling Like Pure Masculinity

manly candles

Just because we are men doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the scent of a candle from time to time. The only difference is, we may not want that scent to wreak of lavender, lemon grass, or whatever else women seem to enjoy. Sometimes we want smells that remind us of the outdoors and the fact that we’re men! [Enter a loud, Tim Allen-esque roar here.]

The candles from Brick + Mortar check those boxes for us. Brick + Mortar makes a line of premium, handmade candles that capture the scents of their home in Atlanta, GA. Cedarwood and vanilla accented with soft smoke recall nights spent ‘round the campfire.They are surely guaranteed to improve the smell in your man cave (probably exponentially) and they will do it without stripping you of your masculinity. “I love how your basement smells like clean linen” – said no man ever.

Along with having a forest scent or our favorite, the campfire scent with notes of cedarwood, vanilla and light smoke, Brick + Mortar candles have a 50+ hour burn time. Not only that, they are made of pure soy wax for a clean burn and longer life. Best of all, they are handmade in the good old U.S. of A. Can’t beat that. Buy Here

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