Bring Some Gotham Flavor to the Country Club

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in “The Dark Knight” was unforgettable. But another standout role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy took the form of a vehicle: the Tumbler. It’s iconic. The beautiful and destructive next level Batmobile, known simply as the Tumbler, stole the scene and the hearts of Batman fans. Hammacher Schlemmer is a mail order catalog company with 170 years in the business. They are known for their unique gifts, gadgets and electronics. The Gotham Golfcart is no exception. It may not be the behemoth that is the Tumbler, but it’ll definitely turn heads.

Powered by a 6-horsepower, battery-powered electric go-cart motor, the Gotham Golfcart can reach a top speed of 38 mph. The sleek, all-black alloy body definitely pays homage to its muse. Twin aerodynamic wings fold around the passenger compartment, protecting you from incoming golf balls. The 4-link rear suspension gives you a smooth ride over fairways, rough and paths and the cart’s six wheels are course-friendly. Adjustable leather seats, cup holders, an iPad stand and lights give you some Bruce Wayne-level comfort and style. Batman may not be hitting the country clubs, but if he was, this golf cart would definitely be in Lucius Fox’s blueprints. Don’t expect flames to be shooting out of this guy though. Buy Here

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