The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit Let’s You Brew Coffee Anywhere

bripe coffee maker

Calling all adventurers! Are you someone who likes to “rough it?” Do people refer to you as “outdoorsy?” If so, then Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit is for you! Because, after all, just because you like being outdoors it doesn’t mean you never need a mid-hike jolt of life juice (AKA coffee). With Bripe, you have everything you need to make coffee in one handy case. The best part is no electricity is needed.  All Bripe requires is water, ground coffee and a small handheld heat source, like this pocket torch. Buy Here

Components Include: 

  • Pure copper cooling stand and patent-pending inner cone for fast brewing
  • Refillable quad jet torch to heat coffee anywhere
  • Convenient carrying case to store the Bripe kit

bripe coffee maker

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