Bruno Mars 24K Part Package For 2: Vegas Experience of a Life Time

We’ve all heard the saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. That definitely is applicable in a lot of situations, but I think this one is something you’d want to tell everyone about. Through you can get an incredible Bruno Mars 24K Party Package for 2 in Las Vegas. With tickets to amazing seats and a whole bunch of special privileges, I definitely wouldn’t want to keep this party to myself. This is a Vegas trip I’d want to share (or brag a bit about) to the whole world.

Special Treatment You’d Only Dream Of

While concerts are fun in general, there are certain things that can take them from ‘a good time’ to ‘the experience of a lifetime’. And let me tell you, this package is full of those extra special experiences. First off you’ve got the tickets. These tickets are to the Bruno Mars show at the world-renowned MGM Theater. Not only that but they are just five rows back from the stage. You also get to show up a whole five hours before the general admission crowd through VIP Check-In. This lets you enjoy the other special treats such as the open bar (21+ of course). Oh, and you don’t want to forget to wear all your new merch. That’s right, this package gets you special, limited edition merch that will be mailed to your home ahead of time so you can wear it to the concert. On top of all that this package grants, your access to the very exclusive pre-show reception. This is really an experience that can not be beat.

Seeing one of the biggest pop icons of our time in one of the most impressive theaters in the world is not something you pass upon. With the Bruno Mars 24k Party Package for 2 you get a once in a lifetime concert experience in Vegas, one of the most exciting cities on Earth. Bruno Mars once sang “I know I’m not perfect. But at the end of the day, who is?” I don’t know who is perfect, but I know that this package sure is. Buy Here


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