Make Cleaning Easier With Brush Hero

Cleaning’s not only a chore, but also quite the workout. Especially scrubbing. The intense back and forth motion will tone your triceps like no other. Simplify your cleaning and ease up on your arms with Brush Hero, as seen on Shark Tank. You can accomplish all your cleaning goals and have the strength of power tools without the need for electricity or batteries. All you have to do is connect Brush Hero to any standard garden hose! This unique device uses the simple cleaning power of water and you’ll be surprised by the amount of torque this baby has. Brush Hero is the perfect tool to clean your tires, rims, fenders, windows, and more. Accomplish any of your any auto detailing needs and even wash your bike, rain gutters, patio furniture, muddy boots, and anything that needs some power cleaning!

Brush Hero is versatile and durable, made to stand up to harsh cleaning chemicals. No metal parts mean you’ll never need to worry about rust or corrosion. The Brush Hero mega gift set includes the classic Brush Hero, Soap Star, Muck Buster sample, Grimefighter, and microfiber towels. The Soap Star is a handy hose-end soap dispenser that adds suds to your scrub. The Muck Buster is a custom-formulated soap that is long-lasting and very sudsy. The Grimefighter is an additional brush that will tackle those really tough jobs. The mini microfiber towels are lightweight, but super absorbent and durable—perfect to wipe down when you’re done cleaning. Brush Hero will definitely make your life easier and it’s what everyone needs in their cleaning arsenal. Buy Here


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