It Only Takes A Penny To Scratch Something Of Your Bucket List

Okay, it actually takes $14.99 to have this scratch off travel list but you get the point. Don’t know where to go? Don’t already have a bucket list? Want to start traveling and experience the world more? No problem! All of the most interesting places in the world are narrowed down to the top 100. Under each silver square is a picture representing the place you are going to visit next. Once you visit the place, just scratch it off with a penny or your favorite coin. There’s no easier way to cross things off your bucket list.

Gift Republic’s 100 places scratch off bucket list poster is a great gift for anyone. It helps the indecisive travel lover figure out where to go next. Throw a dart at it, close your eyes and pick one, or just go in order. Encourage your local introvert to travel the world, find who they are and experience things that you can’t without leaving the comfort of home. Watch travel channel too much? Time to take it into your own hands. Keep track of how many places you’ve been and watch your friends jealously grow.

This poster gives you very specific locations to visit for those of us who aren’t entirely sure what is out there. Ranging from the Temples of Angkor to Kylemore Abby each of the 100 places were selected with care. Don’t know where those places are? Us either! Let’s go find out. Buy Here


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