This Limited-Edition Bugatti Supercar Is Already Sold Out

For anyone with $5.8 million to spend and looking to buy Bugatti’s latest supercar, here’s some bad news. Released in late August with a limited production run of 40, the Bugatti Divo has already sold out. This supercar was named after the French racing driver and two-time Targa Florio winner, Albert Divo. The Divo has a 1,500 hp, 8-liter W16 engine like the Bugatti Chiron. The Divo has a top speed of 236 mph, compared to the Chiron’s electronically limited max of 261 mph. This beast, however, was meant to focus on cornering speeds and lateral dynamics. This car is 77 lbs lighter than the Chiron and has 198 lbs more downforce. It has higher performance in lateral acceleration and agility, with a lateral acceleration of 1.6 g.

The Divo shines in its sleek and shiny splendor. The car is stunning in Divo Racing Blue and Titanium Liquid Silver, two colors developed specifically for the model. The contrast of bright and dark is striking and adds to the entire futuristic vibe of the Divo, not too unlike something you’d see in Tron. The thin headlights, larger air intakes, and deeply scooped hood also give the Divo a lighter, younger, and sportier look. The car features other classic Bugatti elements, including the traditional horseshoe-shaped front grille, the Bugatti signature line on the side, as well as the familiar fin, which highlights the longitudinal axis of the design. Unfortunately, it’s too late to cop this beauty, but at least you can marvel at all its droolworthiness. Learn More


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