Bugatti’s One-Off “La Voiture Noire” Is More Than A HyperCar

In the world of super cars and hyper cars lots of manufacturers release limited production cars to celebrate themselves for setting records, winning championships in motor sports, or anniversaries- so it shouldn’t be too surprising to you that one of the most highly regarded names in sophisticated and powerful machinery have done this as well. This, however, is probably the only thing that isn’t going to be surprising, because when a company like Bugatti celebrates its long and rich history, they go big.

It’s called the La Voiture Noire, meaning “more than a reinterpretation”. This refers to the  Type 57 SC Atlantic, one of the greatest hits of the French manufacturer. As great as this car was in it’s day, it isn’t the greatest technological feat nowadays; but I assure you there is no need to worry. This isn’t some classic restoration car from the 30’s.

Like the name suggests, it is more- so much more, than just a reinterpretation. It not only pays proper homage to the Type 57, but to all 110 years of Bugatti’s history in racing, manufacturing, and quite simply some of the best grand touring hyper cars the world has ever seen.

Classic French Craftsmanship

In the olden days it wasn’t that unusual for a car to be completely handcrafted. Sure, it wasn’t the most efficient way of doing things, but it ensured the highest level of quality every time, and it gave the car a sort of character that couldn’t be replicated by machines. Knowing that your car was put together by human hands, and that every detail was inspected carefully for any flaws by an experts eye, well that was quite a special thing. A special thing that is rarely seen these days. However, this new celebratory Bugatti couldn’t possibly do the brand justice without the craftsmanship that they were founded on. Yes, this brand new car with all the modern tech you’d expect (and a whole lot more) was put together with the hands of Bugatti engineers.

Every crease and corner was carefully sculpted by not only a wind tunnel, but a team of artists. This truly shows through the design, it’s front end is as aggressive as a great white, yet as a whole the car still has a natural flow that is as beautiful as any car I’ve ever seen. Each panel of the La Voiture Noire is carbon fiber with a thin layer of deep black gloss. Bugatti themselves stated they took the time to improve at every detail until they couldn’t find anything that wasn’t perfect. Not just good, not even great. Perfect.

Inside the Beautiful Beast

The La Voiture Noire is powered by just about the only thing that could do it justice. It’s the staple of modern Bugatti’s, and one of the most unique power plants in motoring history, the W16. No, that isn’t a typo. That is 16 cylinders arranged in a W. I could tell you how this 8 liter monster produces 1,480 horsepower and 1,180 foot lbs of torque. That would blow you away, right? Well it’s true, but as impressive and mind boggling as it is, that’s not what Bugatti is about. So instead I will tell you how they have somehow developed this engine to deliver this enormous load of power in such a smooth way.

While this is certainly more than enough horsepower to rip your face off, that’s not what it’s like to drive. You can put your foot down with confidence, not fear. The 16 cylinder engine revs out like butter (very fast butter), and it doesn’t feel out of control. The best way I can put it is that it accelerates like a train. Powerful? Yes. But as hard as it pulls, it’s stable. This lets you enjoy each and every horsepower in a way that’s nearly impossible to do at this scale. And enjoy it you should, because the sound this work of art makes its amazing. The six exhaust pipes coming out of the back bellow a deep song that is unlike any other car in existence. Every aspect of this car is genuinely perfect.

Bugatti is not only celebrating its past full of art and power, it’s also pushing the boundaries of what a hyper car can be in the future. Limited production cars always get lots of hype around them, and they don’t always live up to it. Some companies think their name on a car with an expensive price tag is enough to make a car special. The La Voiture Noire has raised the bar. This one-off machine encapsulates everything that has made Bugatti what it is. It is a work of art, a technical marvel, and motoring perfection. Learn More



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