Building Kits Are All Grown Up

Who remembers those wooden building kits you could do when you were a kid? Birdhouses, derby cars, even some a wooden helicopter. These were a few of the building kits I enjoyed growing up. But when you are an adult, things just aren’t as easy. After all, no one is boxing up a shed or a house for you to build using a LEGO instruction book that walks you through step by step. Turns out, we haven’t been looking hard enough. Because these adult building kits to exist and they are awesome.

Build Your Own Studio Cabin

Allwood Solvalla is simply put, “a garden house kit.” It comes with everything you need to build the entire structure. Yes, the picture you saw is what you can build. Don’t believe us? The makers of this kit claim that it is easy enough for anyone to build.

This solid structure is made from high quality Nordic wood. Even if you don’t know what Nordic wood is, you have to admit that the name sounds badass. Some Viking named Eric probably chopped this down with his axe while plundering a nearby village. Okay, probably not. It probably came from a timber mill and was cut down by an automatic saw. But we can pretend right?

DIY For Grown Men (Or Women)

Damn the lame wooden DIY kits for making bird houses. Why build the birds a house when you can build yourself one? Perfect for a variety of surroundings, properties, and land needs, the Solvalla can be placed anywhere. It can even be built on top of a roof of a multi-story building. Might want to check with the landlord first on that one unless you happen to be the one owning a skyscraper.

Either way, the kit includes almost everything you need to build the cabin. All you’ll need is shingles for roofing and materials for foundations. In total, these will only cost a few hundred dollars extra. We actually enjoy that they left these out because you have more customization options. For example, you could substitute a tin roof to hear the pitter-patter of rain or thatch a roof yourself after you’re done raiding your neighboring village.

Otherwise, it includes all the wood and building materials you need. For two adults, it will take around 8 hours to assemble. No, this doesn’t account for the 4 hour delays when you realize you put things together backwards. Fortunately, this isn’t an IKEA product, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Step By Step

Perhaps the most important part of the kit is a handy instruction manual. The detailed brochure helps you assemble the cabin easily and without hassle. No more confusing “international instructions” and no more frustrated building. Just a fun, easy experience while you build your cabin.

Once assembled, you can enjoy a spacious 9’x9’ enclosed room that is accompanied by an open porch of the same size. The roof overhead keeps you dry in all weather. Meanwhile, the 2500 lbs structure won’t go anywhere, even in high winds.

If you want to spice up your property, this kit is a practical and dare we say, fun, way to do so. For 172 square feet of space, Solvalla cabin is a perfect solution. Reading nook, guest room, or entertainment space. The choice is up to you. All you have to do is build. Buy Here



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