The Bulova Computron Watch Gives You a Taste of the 80s

Who doesn’t love a bit of throwback? Retro is in and that can be said across industries, from video games and tech to music and fashion. Fashion regularly cycles through trends and what was in then is in now. And in terms of style, what’s better than a watch to go back in time with? While you can’t go wrong with a simple dress watch or intricate chronograph, sometimes you need a bit more fun. Bulova gives you exactly that and a flashback to the 80s with the Computron watch.

The reissue of the Computron was unveiled at Baselworld 2019, the annual trade show for the international watch and jewelry industry. The Swiss show is the world’s biggest showcase of the newest watches and trends. It takes place in Basel, Switzerland, at Messe Basel each spring. Baselworld’s exhibitors include popular brands, including Zenith, TAG Heuer, Seiko, Chanel, and Bulgari.

History-making and innovative

Bulova is an American watch brand based in New York. It was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian immigrant. His first plant was launched in 1912 and was primarily for to the production of watches. Bulova manufactured watches at their factory in Biel, Switzerland, standardizing mass production, which was new in the industry. In 1919, Bulova released the first complete range of men’s watches. They became known for their iconic visual style in advertising, original style, precision, and innovative tech. One of Bulova’s most innovative creations was the Accutron watch, first sold in October 1960. It used a resonating tuning fork, powered by a one-transistor electronic oscillator circuit, to regular time keeping. It is regarded as the first electronic watch and at the time, the most accurate watch in the world.

Another notable time for Bulova was during their rivalry with Omega in the 60s to be selected as the first watch on the Moon. In 1971, mission commander David Scott carried a Bulova chronograph as a backup watch on board Apollo 15, the fourth mission to land men on the Moon. All twelve men who walked on the Moon wore standard Omega Speedmaster watches officially issued by NASA, but transcripts showed that the crystal face on Scott’s Omega watch popped off. So on his third lunar walk, he used the Bulova chronograph. Since the Omega watches were deemed government property, the Bulova was the only privately owned watch to have been worn while walking on the Moon. The watch sold for $1.625 million and is the most expensive astronaut-owned object ever sold at auction.

Retro-future vibes

The Computron is an iconic design from the 80s. In the 70s and 80s, watchmakers looked to the future and designed pieces that reflected what they thought that would be. The unique look of the Computron isn’t for everyone, but definitely a great statement piece to add to your closet. It was known for its the trapezoidal-style case and front-facing, angled LED display. The reissue looks the same, but with some added modern tech, including a dual time zone feature, as well as indicators for month, date, day, and seconds.

The watch comes in three variants: gold plated with a red LED and gold plated bracelet; black IP with a red LED and black rubber strap; and stainless steel with a blue LED and steel bracelet. It features a Quartz movement and button-style crown. The gold-plated style is available for $395 and the black IP and stainless steel will go for $295. The reissue is set for a Fall 2019 release. Learn More

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