The Burls Belt Buckle Knife Is Your Everyday Self-Defense Accessory

Anyone who grew up with Batman has probably dreamed of being the caped crusader. I mean who wouldn’t want to have Alfred? Other than an overqualified butler, Batman has covetable smarts and fighting skills. He also has all the Bat-vehicles you can dream of, a mansion and Batcave, and of course, the gadgets. Without super powers, Batman relies on his wits, strength, skill, and tech. One of the most iconic gadgets Batman has is his utility belt. His batarangs, smoke pellets, and more are all within a gloved hand’s reach, important for someone on the go. 

While we can’t carry stuff like that without looking like a carpenter, Burls LLC has taken a small step in creating a belt that’s utilitarian. No, it’s not a fanny pack, but a simple and unassuming belt that conceals a small dagger. While it may not carry much other than the dagger/ bottle opener combo, it’s a functional accessory that can get you out of a jam, just like Batman’s utility belt.

A subtle survival accessory

Burls LLC specializes in survival products, supplies, equipment, gear, and gifts. Every Burls Belt Buckle Knife is handmade and manufactured by experienced craftsmen. Only the highest quality materials are used. The 2.5” dagger is made with AEB-L stainless steel that is cryo-treated and tempered 61-62 RHC, handcrafted by Join Or Die. The belt is made with genuine full grain 8-9 oz thick bridle leather, handcrafted by SplitRails Custom Leather. Burls combines the two together to create a practical dual function belt. Everything is handmade in the U.S. and ships from Smithfield, Virginia.

The leather belt and concealed knife combo was designed to protect you in any situation. The knife is concealed very well with the handle doubling as the buckle as well as a can opener. The belt is offered in three sizes: small (30”-35”), medium (35”-40”, and large (40”-45”). You can find your size by adding 2” to your waist and you can also add a note with your waist size. The primary colors available are black and brown, which are your ultimate classics that go well with everything. Buy Here