‘South Park’ Fans Will Love Burton’s Snowboard And Winter Gear Collection


You don’t have to be into snowboarding to like the Burton South Park collection of hats, snowboards, socks and other winter gear inspired by the iconic TV show.

As controversial as it as been, South Park is still one of the most relevant shows on TV today. Part of the reason the show is still so popular is because Matt Stone and Trey Parker have mastered the process of creating an entire 22 minute episode and bringing it to life in 24 hours. That ability allows them to churn our culturally relevant content week after week. Not a lot of other TV shows, save for Saturday Night Live can say that.

When you think of South Park, you also think of four kids perpetually dressed in winter attire. That is why this Burton South Park collaboration makes so much sense. Recreating the iconic hats of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan was a natural fit. Burton went a step further to create snowboards of Butters, Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, Towelie and Dead Kenny. Poor Kenny, always dying.

The products in the collection are as little as $25 (the snowboard is $499). Get them before they’re all gone, because they are literally flying off the virtual shelves.


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