BOOKS: ‘Bushcraft First Aid’ Is A Field Guide To Surviving In The Woods During An Emergency

Bushcraft First Aid

Bushcraft First Aid is a book which will arm you with the first aid knowledge needed to survive an emergency situation in the woods. It is camping season, and it is important to stay safe out there. Beyond being an extremely informative book, Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care is also a great read. Buy It Now

Bushcraft First Aid

The book is co-written by wilderness expert Dave Canterbury and survival instructor Jason Hunt. This is the latest installment of their NYT best-selling Bushcraft series. It teaches you how to make bandages, field dress wounds, and other ways of surviving emergencies.

This book is currently available for pre-order until June 13th but yours truly has had an advanced look at it. If you enjoy the absorption of practical knowledge then this book is for you. If knowing how to survive in an emergency situation is crucial to your life, this is a must-read. Perhaps you are looking for some reading material during your Summer camping trips. This is that book. Buy It Now

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