Hit The Green Every Time With This Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

It takes years of practice to estimate the distance to the green when you’re standing there at the tee. Well, unless you’re holding this awesome Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder up to your eye. Then you can measure an exact distance to the flag with +/- 1 yard accuracy in a few seconds. When it comes to upping your golf game, there’s nothing that does it as well as technology. Well, skill would also work but who has time for that?

Bushnell’s variety of range finders are used by some of the top pros in the PGA Tour. They have a good selection of products ranging (pun intended) from GPS finders to laser finders. This one is a bit unique, however. It has the best of both worlds in order to propel you to golfing glory.

This hybrid laser rangefinder from Bushnell is complete with top-notch GPS technology. It stores the measurements of 36,000 golf courses across the world. It stores the data of all these courses right onboard so you don’t have to worry about using your cell phone data. But, when you do get to the course, just use the Bushnell Golf app to sync up your device. It connects using Bluetooth so there’s no need for internet connection.

Sure, you could use GPS to get a general idea of where the green is. But, if you want a totally accurate number that tells you how far from the hole you are, then you need a laser finder. Fortunately, this Bushnell Hybrid has them both. This device comes with PinSeeker with JOLT technology as well. When the laser locks onto the flag, the device vibrates slightly so you know you have an accurate measurement. This is great and takes away the guesswork that some other range finders bring.

The cool part is not the separate GPS and laser features, but how they are brought together. In a great one-two punch, the laser finds the exact distance to the flag within 1 yard and then the GPS system gives you a range on either side of that distance that is equal to the green. All of this goodness, and the hole number and its par, are displayed on an LCD screen on the side of the device. With a quick glance, you’ll know exactly how far to hit your ball.

Now, whether or not you can hit it there is out of our control. You’ll need more than a little handheld device to do that. Fortunately, we’ve highlighted some other great golf items here on The Daily Want that will help you up your game. You can check them out here.

Otherwise, the Bushnell Hybrid is an awesome tool that will make you a more informed golfer when you’re out on the course. Not having to guess how hard to swing and knowing a range of distance where you can find the green is invaluable. What are you waiting for? Oh, for the weather to get nice? Yeah, we don’t blame you. But this range finder would make a great gift for the dad, grandpa, or golf-enthusiast in your life. Buy Here


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