Byton Unveils Its First Electric Concept SUV At 2018 CES

byton concept

Look out! China is coming for you, Elon Musk. Or at least the Chinese electric car startup Byton is coming for Tesla. This week, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Byton unveiled its first car, which is a crossover concept. And a good-looking one at that.

In the world where we get a lot of outrageous concept vehicles, Byton’s first foray into the market looks reasonable from the outside. That’s not to say it is without signature, innovative elements like side-view cameras replacing side mirrors, iconic face recognition cameras to provide user identification and BYTON Smart Surfaces show a situation-based interacting light design. But it is when you make your way inside when you can see the future. And by that we mean that you are immediately hit in the face with a 49-inch curved touchscreen display that completely replaces a traditional dashboard and control panel. According to Byton, that display isn’t just for a never-to-be-produced concept car either, the company is claiming that the massive display will make it into the production version. Yowzers.

So how many miles to the gallon (or to the charge) can you get on this hog? As of right now, the company claims their “Smart Intuitive Vehicle” will get 250 miles of range and only take 30 minutes to charge the battery to 80%.

There is no word yet on how much this crossover SUV will cost, but if money is no object to you 1) congratulations on all your success, you smell terrific and 2) go here to reserve your Byton now.

byton concept byton concept byton concept

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