The California Cowboy Tropic High Water Shirt With More Personality Than You

California Cowboy makes shirts that mean something, that stand for something. In their own words, they make shirts “to inspire real friendships between people, the kind that take place without any screens involved, the kind that create long-lasting and real connections”. I don’t know about you, but I doubt any of my shirts were made with that much meaning in mind. This company creates clothing that isn’t afraid to stand out and draw attention, clothing that will turn heads and force you to meet new people.

How Is All That In a T-Shirt?

I know it may seem like that’s a lot to be said about a piece of clothing, but I believe them. Whether you agree or not, the fact that people care that much about what they make is inspiring. They aren’s just designing boring trendy shirts that’ll sell to the masses and make a quick buck. Instead, they put heart and meaning and personality into their designs. This shirt is called Tropic High Water. Whatever the heck that means, it fits.

The shirt is fun and screams with personality. It might not blend in and make you look like all your other friends, but it isn’t supposed to. The Tropic High Water shirt makes new friendships. People notice you when you’ve got a shirt like this. The bright, contrasty colors and fun pattern show that you’re bold and brave. They show that you’re playful and happy to express yourself. None of my shirts can say that about me, and maybe it’s time I rethink my closet.

This shirt stands for something. It means something. If you want to mean something and be bold then the California Cowboy Tropic High Water shirt is for you. The only thing more fun than the name, is the shirt itself- and maybe even the person wearing it. Buy Here



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