Camp No Counselors Lets You Relive Your Childhood With No Rules

Oh the magic of summer camp. Being forced to be outside, no phones, meeting lots of new people. If it sounded like a nightmare then, it probably still does. But, that isn’t the part we’re talking about. We mean the newfound friends, fun games and activities, and maybe even a camp crush. Now, get rid of the counselors and annoying people telling you what to do. That sounds like a summer camp to remember.

Camp No Counselors (CNC) is an all-inclusive camp experience for adults. It gives you a chance to relive your childhood summer camp memories in true adult fashion. You’ll stay at a top-notch camp in a city around the country like LA, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Florida, Seattle, or Nashville. Still no phones, but also no wallets and no extra fees.

Each day, you’ll enjoy three chef-prepared meals from fresh ingredients. No subpar camp food here. Throughout the day, enjoy awesome athletic activities and artsy crafts. Here are just a few: archery, capture the flag, color war, dodgeball, nature hikes, water sports, ropes courses, slip n’ slide, talent shows, tie dying, tub of war, ultimate frisbee, basketball, zip line, and more. Okay, that was more than a few. At night, have a blast and meet new friends (or that camp crush) at theme parties. The camp brings in well-known DJ’s and artists for unique private shows and parties. Did we mention there’s an open bar? Prepare to have the weekend of your life at Camp No Counselors. Register Here


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