Campfire In A Can Is The Only Portable Campfire

There’s nothing better than sitting around the campfire in the great outdoors. Especially with the cooler fall weather coming, the warmth of a campfire is welcome. What if you didn’t have to mess with building a fire, carrying wood, and finding enough dry kindling to get it started? Yeah, that would be pretty great. With the amazing Campfire In A Can, you can (pun intended) do just that. Or you can start a fire with the turn of a knob on your deck at home with no need for a fire pit.

The Campfire In A Can is everything you need for a fire, just add a propane tank. Everything folds up compactly to fit inside the metal can and can be thrown into your bag or carried by itself. Just make sure it’s cool first. To start a fire, just connect the hose and turn the campfire on. It is capable of reaching strengths of 64,000 BTUs, making it the hottest campfire on the market.

The lightweight size of it makes this a great addition to any camping trip. Its removable grate is perfect for firing (yes, we did it again) up a pot of coffee or cooking a light meal. It also includes a realistic log set so you can fool people into thinking you made a great fire. Psh, who needs wood when you can use technology? This is the better way to make a fire. Buy Here


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