Lagunitas Brewery Introduces SuperCritical Cannabis Beer

Cannabis Beer Lagunitas SuperCritical

California-based brewery Lagunitas has debuted SuperCritical, a cannabis beer. This unique beer is made with cannabis terpenes instead of hop terpenes. Brewers have long known about the similarities between cannabis and hops, now Lagunitas is bridging the gap. Hops and cannabis are both members of the Cannabinaceae family.

For this unique beer, Lagunitas has partnered with Bay-area cannabis extract company AbsoluteXtracts. It’s described as ‘like having notes in a musical scale that you didn’t have before’, whatever that means. I’m not a music guy but I can tell you that the prospect of a cannabis beer sounds enticing.

Lagunitas chose some of the stickiest weed around for this beer. They selected Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies marijuana nuggets. They also used six strains of hops while brewing SuperCritical.

Cannabis Beer Lagunitas SuperCritical

SuperCritical is said to have citrus notes and a ‘sticky finish’, which is exactly what I’d expect from a cannabis beer.

Drinkers and smokers have long debated the best way to get your buzz on and Lagunitas is offering the best of both worlds. This cannabis beer from Lagunitas is only available in the state of California. However, you can find it at locations all throughout the state. There is a full list of bars selling the SuperCritical cannabis beer on Lagunitas’ website.

Cannabis Beer Lagunitas SuperCritical

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