Canoo’s Skateboard Chassis Is Transformed Into an Electric Go-Kart

Driving a naked car sounds a little mad, right? Well, EV startup Canoo is doing just that and having fun with it with their “skateboard” chassis. The startup was founded by former Faraday Future staff in 2017. They are known for their breakthrough electric vehicles with specialities in cars, minibuses, and commercial vehicles.

Canoo has plans to roll out a unique way of selling cars, which would likely appeal to the younger crowd. The company plans to create a subscription service where their vehicles would be offered exclusively. There would be a set monthly fee that covers all costs, which includes registration, maintenance, insurance, and charging. While customers wouldn’t own the vehicles, they are rented on a monthly basis. With the popularity of subscriptions and more thoughtful spending, Canoo is hoping this service would be successful.

Their first model is van-like with a single, rear-mounted motor, 300 hp, and a 250-mile range. This car and three other upcoming models, including a delivery van and sports car, all share the same skateboard-like platform. The beauty of the singular modular frame is that anything from a pickup to a sports car can be built on top of it.

Versatility in one clever package

Recently, Canoo showed the world just how innovative their chassis is. They transformed their naked skateboard chassis into a giant go-kart. This fun display showed that the platform can be driven around without any bodywork. This is due to its ability to hold all of a vehicle’s mechanical parts. That includes the motors, battery pack, steering gear, and suspension. The system of having all the mechanics in the frame also frees up passenger space. Its versatility also means it can fit front, rear, and dual-motor powertrains.

The steer-by-wire system removes the physical connection between the steering wheel and the road. The steering rack is also not needed thanks to this steering system, which has speed-sensitive power assist as well. The number of turns can even be customized based on your preferences. The suspension is made up of a double-wishbone setup. There are also two fiberglass transverse leaf springs and dampers mounted to the frame. This setup means no need for shock towers, so the whole suspension system is below the height of the tires. All these considerations make the chassis just so versatile and for Canoo, a cost-friendly decision. Buy Here

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