Take the Beaten Path With the Canyon Grail:ON CF 8

As we grow to be more conscious of our impact on the climate, we make small changes to our day to day, like riding a bike vs driving. Whether it’s for transportation or recreation, the bike business is bustling.

There are also so many types of bikes to choose from: road, mountain, hybrid, folding, electric, and more. Electric and gravel are two of the biggest trends in the industry. There have even been innovative off-roaders designed combining the two.

Canyon, a German manufacturer of racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes, released the Grail:ON to meet that demand. The new e-gravel bike is offered in two models: the Grail:ON CF 8 and the deluxe Grail:ON CF 8 eTap. They will cost you a pretty penny with the CF 8 standing at $5,700 and the CF 8 eTap at $6,999.

It’s a hefty investment, and understandably, you want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with the innovative design and tech in these new models. The Grail:ON CF is, after all, an award-winning bike, having won the 2020 Red Dot Award for bicycle design.

Unique elements and thoughtful design

Canyon has a distinctive cockpit and seat post unique to the brand. The Double Decker handlebar gives you comfort and control on those long rides over different terrain. You have four different hand positions depending on your ride.

There’s shock-absorbing tops for cruising, hoods for climbing, and drops for racing, and the super stable base bar for descents. Both models have lightweight carbon frames, hence the CF moniker. The bikes have flexible leaf spring seat posts and a wide range of sizes (2XS to 2XL) for all riders.

Bosch’s new Performance Line CX Gen4 drive system is one of the highlights of the Grail:ON models. It can support up to 340% of the rider’s own power. The Bosch motor is powered by a 500wH, 80-mile-range battery.

It has a max motor assist up to 20mph, which is the legal limit for Class 1 e-bikes in the U.S. The Grail:ON is a huge investment, but you can be confident that you’ll enjoy the freedom, high speed, nature, and adventure of gravel riding in luxury. Buy Here