The CapBoom Bottle Opener Is Capable Of Shooting Caps Off At 60 MPH

capboom bottle opener

It seems like every day we come across new, really cool bottle openers. They almost always double as great conversation starters too. And in some cases, like the CapBoom bottle opener, they’re a triple threat because it can also be used as an effective weapon. Or maybe I am being presumptuous to assume that shooting bottle caps at 60 mph can get dangerous. Who can say for sure?

This isn’t the first bottle opener to fire caps. The Cap Zappa has been around a while, too. The only difference is the CapBoom packs way more power and can shoot a cap a distance of 30 feet, which is double what the Cap Zappa can do.

See the CapBoom Bottle Opener in action.

Keep up with CapBoom and news about when these bottle openers will actually be for sale at their Facebook page.

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