Gotta Take A Leak? Try The Car Pool

We’ve all been there. Driving down the highway, stuck in a line of traffic ten miles long, when the need to take a leak strikes. You can’t get out, can’t pull over. The only logical option left is to do it in your pants. But that isn’t a very good option is it?

That’s why the folks behind Car Pool came up with a fantastic idea. This revolutionary product lets you pee in the car, in a tent, or even in bed. That’s right gentlemen, anywhere. There’s no mess and no hassle, just pure relief when you need to go most.

Mix and Match Bottles

Sure, you could always turn to a trusty Powerade bottle when you need to pee on the go. But as your wife will surely remind you, your aim is terrible. Even when you try your best to aim into the bottle, that opening is just too small. Let’s be honest, if you can’t hit the toilet bowl, you aren’t going to pee in a bottle without making a mess.

That’s where the Car Pool comes into play. The two part system features a wide open end for your firehose and a versatile exit end that secures to almost any bottle. The Car Pool is designed to work with any bottle. So, whether you downed a Mt. Dew or a bottle of water, you’ll be able to use it to pee in. The exit end screws onto the top of your bottle, creating a tight seal. Even if the bottle falls over, you won’t have pee everywhere.

Depending how many cups of coffee you’ve had, you can use either a small or large bottle. Car Pool’s versatility means it can hold as much as the biggest container you can find. So, if you’ve got your fourth cup o’ joe down and are stuck in traffic, have no fear. Just make sure you’ve got a big bottle on hand.

Flexible Positioning

Let’s be honest again, trying to pee while you’re sitting or lying down is almost impossible. Well, doing it without making a mess is anyway. Car Pool helps solve that problem too. Between the two ends we’ve already discussed is a length of tubing. But this is no ordinary tubing.

What makes the Car Pool unique is that the hose is flexible. You can bend it into any position convenient for the situation. Sitting in the car? Just bend the hose down to a water bottle on the floor and let ‘er rip. The hose will stay securely in the position you bend it to so you can go without having to worry about holding the bottle. Same goes if you’re stuck in bed. Just bend the hose to the side and hang a bottle off the edge of the bed.

The Car Pool makes a great gift for anyone who’s constantly complaining about having to pee. We all have that friend. So, instead of pulling over every 30 minutes for them to pee, just get them the Car Pool and a bottle and move on. You’re welcome. Buy Here


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