Cards Against Humanity Has Just Gotten That Much Funnier With It’s Nostalgia 90’s Pack

Everybody loves playing Apples to Apples. It’s got easy to follow rules, and can fit any number of players. However, in May of 2011, this style of game got a big update. Cards Against Humanity was released, and the fun for everyone family game took a dark, hilarious turn. The funny, dirty, and provocative game has had many updates and special packs, but this one is something we’re excited about. The 90’s Nostalgia Pack brings another fun element to the game as you can play with the theme of your favorite decade.

Add To Your Game For Extra Rad Gameplay

Cards Against Humanity has a unique way of updating their games. It works a bit like downloading additional content for video games. While this is not an entirely new game, it’s an extra set of black and white cards you can throw into the mix of the original set to give the game more variety. This way you can mix and match your favorite add on packs together to get the most hilarious set of cards possible.

The 90’s Nostalgia Pack is all about that special decade. If you couldn’t already tell from the packaging (I’d probably tell you to get your eyes checked…) the entire set is on theme. It has 23 new white cards, and 7 of the black cards. This way the game can play off of itself and add multiple new elements of fun. As a child of the 90’s myself (the late 90’s admittedly), I can’t wait to use this new expansion of one of my favorite games.

Since it came out, Cards Against Humanity has been nearly teen and adults favorite party game. Nothing is better than getting a group of friends together to laugh over dirty jokes and suggestive cards. IF you find yourself getting too familiar with the deck of cards given initially, throw in the 90’s Nostalgia Pack to mix it up and add a totally tubular element to the game. Buy Here


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