Carroll Shelby’s 1983 DeTomaso Pantera GTS Is a Collector’s Dream

1983 DeTomaso Pantera Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby is one of racing’s most well-known names. He was an American automotive designer, racer, entrepreneur, and author. He is best known for working with the AC Cobra and Mustang for Ford, which later became known as Shelby Mustangs. His influence and legendary status in the racing industry has undoubtedly earned him some serious cred. It’s no surprise that he would be gifted some cars in his lifetime. Two such cars came from Italian automobile manufacturer DeTomaso. DeTomaso gifted Shelby two different Panteras hoping that he would spearhead the reintroduction of the model in the U.S. 

The Pantera, introduced in 1971, was designed by Tom Tjaarda, also an accomplished car designer. The Pantera was originally available through select Lincoln-Mercury dealerships, but increasing emissions standards caused Ford to drop the model in 1974. The Pantera GTS was introduced in 1974 and it came with a more powerful engine. When the ‘80s hit, there was an increased demand for mid-engine cars in the U.S. and DeTomaso thought of bringing back the Pantera. DeTomaso then gifted Shelby two Panteras as a hopeful gesture, but the Pantera never did get its reintroduction to the U.S. market. A number of later model Panteras were imported during the ‘80s, but as they’re rare, they are highly sought-after by collectors. 

Highly original condition

Daniel Schmitt & Co. have for sale one of the two Panteras Shelby was gifted. The 1983 DeTomaso Pantera GTS was in his personal collection until 2018. The car is finished in a bold red over an original tan leather interior. It runs on a 351CI 286 HP V8 engine and has a 5-Speed Manual transmission. The coupe has only 4,571 miles on the odometer. The car comes with documentation including insurance card, copy of the 1985 EPA compliance test, Shelby vehicle authenticity certificate, and more. The showroom price is $279,900, but if you buy it now, you get a $30k discount. It’s a rare opportunity to snag such a gem from a legend’s collection! Buy Here