Casa Corredores: A Unique, Charming, and Nature Surrounded Home

House hunting. Whether your experience with this comes from purchasing a real home, or just watching others do it on some reality tv show, we’ve all seen it. While every ‘hunt’ is a bit different, it seems like the choices are all a bit too similar. Between city apartments and suburban neighborhoods, all the popular choices are still just homes surrounded y more homes. These may be more or less the same, but Casa Corredores is different in just about every conceivable way. From location, to design, to even color, this house is refreshingly original.

Unapologetically Unique

The last thing anyone could say about Casa Corredores is that it’s boring. Maybe it isn’t your cup of tea, but you can’t ignore the charming character this home has. Start with the location- it’s beautiful. Out every window is a scene that belongs in a nature documentary. From growing green trees to flowing rivers, the sights out there are something I could certainly get used to. Now let’s look at the design. The most obvious design choice is the color. Black may be too dark in the typical neighborhood, but it really works here. It stands out from the trees without popping so much that it takes away from the natural beauty that surrounds itself in. It also features bright wood colors and white walls on the inside to contrast the exterior.

Looking past the color, you’ll notice a very different shape. The layout is essentially three rectangular pieces that lay next to each other with thin connecting hallways. This award-nominated layout design gives this home even more character and funk. These pieces let you find private space when needed, and the halls connecting them let in tons of natural light as well as give you an incredible view.

An unusual shape, complete black exterior, and it’s dropped in the middle of a wooded forest by a stream. This isn’t a home for everyone, but for the right person, Casa Corredores could be something out of a fantasy. There is no shortage of charm, and I can’t imagine ever growing tired of the abundance of scenery. Learn More


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