Nothing Is More Retro Than This Men’s Casio Calculator Watch

Casio Calculator Watch Men's Retro

The men’s Casio calculator watch is one of the most iconic watches and inventions of the 1980’s. It’s a timepiece that’s representative of a glorious time in the world, a time of rapid technological advancement. The fact that the Casio calculator watch is still being made is astounding, but I love that it is.

The Casio calculator men’s retro watch water-resistant and features an 8-digit calculator which performs multiplication, addition, division, subtraction. There’s a stopwatch and internal calendar, and because this watch is digital it will never slow down and lose time. It will turn heads everywhere because it’s such a throwback to yesteryear. Did I mention how insanely affordable the retro Casio calculator watch is? It costs less than a pitcher of beer. Buy Here

Casio Calculator Watch Men's Retro

Casio Calculator Watch Men's Retro

I’m not saying that this watch will instantly make you the coolest guy on the block. But, I didn’t get to own the Casio calculator watch back in the 1980’s. Now I’m making up for lost time by wearing this glorious timepiece 24/7/365, and I invite you to join me.

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