The Casper Dog Bed Gives Your Pup The Comfort They Deserve

Do you ever feel bad about leaving your dog on a ratty old dog bed while you recline in the comfort of your Casper memory foam mattress? If so, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Casper now makes a bed that’s specifically designed for your four-legged friend. Yes, this dog bed comes from the same folks who make the award-winning Casper mattress.

Canine Comfort

The Casper dog bed might sound a little bit extra. However, dogs can suffer from health problems just like humans can. If they don’t have a comfortable place to sleep, their bodies can quickly deteriorate.

This dog bed is the perfect solution. It is made of comfortable memory foam that relieves pressure and creates support for your pet. Thanks to raised bolsters on all four sides your pup will feel safe and sheltered when they lay their head down.

If you’re worried about your dog destroying the expensive new dog bed you buy them, don’t be. The Casper dog bed comes with an extremely durable cover that is designed to resist “dog behavior.” In other words, they won’t ruin the bed by digging, scratching, or even biting the bed.

Better yet, the mattress even keeps its shape over time. No amount of scratching will make it slump in the middle or sag to one side.

Low Maintenance

No one wants to buy a dog bed only to realize that it isn’t machine washable. Fortunately, the Casper dog bed is. You can simply unzip the protective cover and throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Of course, you won’t need to worry about that very often. The cover is made of heat-bonded microfibers that create a slick surface that resists fur.

Casper wants your dog to sleep in comfort no matter how big or small they are. It comes in three different sizes and accommodates dogs up to 90 pounds. Buy Here