Transform Your Ceiling Into a Starry Night Sky With These Lights

Ever since Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly filled our heads with dreams of space, we’ve wanted nothing more than to fly off into the stars. Since the majority of us aren’t trained astronauts or billionaires, there are other ways we can immerse ourselves in space. You can go to one of the dark-sky parks where light pollution is restricted. Observatories and planetariums are also obvious choices. But what about in the comfort of your own space? When playing the entire Star Wars saga for the 100th time doesn’t cut it anymore, you need something extra that takes you to a whole new immersive experience. Cue these galactically awesome fiber optic twinkle lights. 

Customizable lights for any vibe

These 800 strands of LED twinkle lights are the perfect addition to any room. A starry ceiling would look stunning whether it’s your bedroom, home theater, basement, living room, game room, or even your car! The lights engine uses RGB lamp beads and has adjustable white light. There’s also a 28-key remote controller so you can control how the lights move. You can go from static color or a more crazy pattern like jump or a four-speed twinkle. 

The colors are white, red, green, blue, yellow, ice blue, and pink. You can also customize one color for your own personal vibe. Use white for the classic night sky look or red for a Moulin Rouge type of party. There are also speed modes and a brightness control. Alternate colors and speed for those more wild nights and keep it steady and simple for the more chill ones. Your home or car will be the perfect hangout spot for movies, parties, and game nights. Imagine watching a movie with shades drawn, lights off, and just you, popcorn, the screen, and your ceiling of stars. The lights are from Shine Electronics, a supplier of high quality fiber optics lights kits, and have a two-year warranty. Buy Here

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