Charging Bull Liquor Decanter Is The Perfect Man-Cave Decoration

Okay, cluttering up the man cave with a bunch of dainty glass trinkets doesn’t really sound that great. Unless they hold booze. Then you need them. Lots of them. Luckily this charging bull decanter does just that. It holds plenty of booze and has plenty of character that will fit in great with any man cave.

The Wine Savant is known for making some unique decanters and booze holders, but this is one of our favorites. The charging bull design pays homage to the bulls and bullfighters of Spain. The tradition of the Spanish bull is a rich one that dates back centuries.

This decanter holds 1000ml and is great for whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, or tequila. Although we suppose you could put other things in it, brown-colored liquids go best with the bull’s design. Speaking of, this hand-blown glass decanter is full of precise details and unique touches. Everyone will love admiring it as a centerpiece, mantlepiece, or in its spot on the bar.

When filling your decanter, be sure to leave some space at the top for expansion so that it doesn’t shatter. Since this one is blown-glass, this step is ultra-important. Here at TDW we care about your booze and know it would be a tragedy if it were to spill all over. We also know that putting it in this awesome decanter will make you the coolest bull around. Stock market anyone? Buy Here


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