3 Cheap Gifts For Craft Beer Lovers

cheap gifts for beer lovers

Craft beer lovers tend to be some of the pickiest, most opinionated people around. This often translates to them being impossible to shop for. To make your life easier we’ve put together this short list of cheap gifts for beer lovers. It’s just a few inexpensive items that every beer lover can use.

Of course, a true beer lover will always love it when you give them beer as a gift. Sometimes, however, you want to give more than a 6-pack. That’s where these fun and cheap gifts for beer lovers come into play. They’re everyday items a beer lover will enjoy but probably doesn’t have laying around the house just yet.

Here are 3 Great and Cheap Gifts For Beer Lovers

Cheap Gifts For Beer Lovers: The ‘Many Types of Beer’ Poster From Popchart Labs

cheap gifts for beer loversThis poster form Popchart Labs is a diagram of every type of beer on the planet. This is a great poster to toss in the man cave to spruce up the place a little bit. This item has a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon. The poster includes examples of each beer type along with the names and how those types are related to other beers. Buy Here


Cheap Gifts For Beer Lovers: Gift Set Of 4 Bars Of Soap Made From Beer

cheap gifts for beer loversGuys are often reluctant to buy themselves soap. A lot of craft beer lovers don’t even bath (just kidding!). This handmade beer soap is manufactured in Los Angeles, it’s 100% vegan, and it comes in 4 different scents. The 4 bars are sold together as a gift set. At just $29, this set of 4 soap bars made from Golden Road Brewery’s core beers is a cheap gift for beer lovers that’s sure to please. Buy Here


Cheap Gifts For Beer Lovers: Moleskin Beer Journal

cheap gifts for beer loversBeer lovers love nothing more than tasting new and adventurous beers. We love sampling beers in new cities, tasting new breweries, and collecting rare beers. The issue here is beer can sometimes make you forget. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve tried countless rare beers that I don’t remember drinking. That’s why a Beer Journal from Moleskin is a spectacular idea. This a cheap gift beer lovers will truly appreciate. It will enable the craft beer lover in your life to jot down the names, types, and details of every beer they drink. Buy Here


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