Chocolate Lobster Beer Is Something You Gotta Try

Yeah, yeah, we know. Chocolate and lobster sounds gross already. We’re sure you don’t want us to come within 50 feet of your beloved beer with that horrific combination. But, what if you were wrong? Could it be that chocolate, lobster, and beer are actually a trifecta made in heaven? Yes, it could be. (Hint: It is).

Trust us, this is one of those “Don’t knock it till you try it” type of things. This beer started as a pairing for a chocolate lobster bisque and white chocolate lobster salad slider at the Dogfish Brewery. Then, visitors found the beer so delicious that they had to make it in a full batch so everyone could try it. After all, even if you don’t expect to like it, you could still try it on a dare.

It starts with a robust porter base that is brewed with live lobsters. That’s right. The poor suckers get tossed alive right into the brew. Then, the masters added over 6 pounds of dark cocoa powder and a basil tea that compliments both of the other ingredients. The result is a rich, dark ale. You’ll get notes of bittersweet chocolate and subtle herbal notes. Oh, and don’t forget the unmistakable taste of the ocean in the finish. If worst comes to worst, this brew has a 5.6 ABV rating, so you can still get drunk off of it. Just do us a favor and give it a try with an open mind. You’ll thank us later. The lobsters won’t though. Learn More


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