Get Some Swing Into Your Workout With the Chopper

With gyms closed or at limited capacity, the pandemic has caused many of us to look for alternative ways to exercise. From live workouts to lifting jugs of water, we’ve come up with many creative solutions to get in a sweat. We’ve also discovered lots of new tools that will get the heart rate going to give us everything from core strength to a full body workout. Since space can be an issue for many, especially for those in small city apartments, it’s important to find something that will give us a good workout, but not require too much setup or space. The Chopper is ChopFit’s newest tool and is the perfect addition to help you train at home. 

Innovative design and functionality

Here’s Johnny! While we aren’t in The Shining, we can still channel that Jack Torrance swing with the Chopper. It utilizes uneven weight distribution with chopping motions for a full-body cardio, core, and strength workout. Lumberjacks are known for their strength. I mean, felling a tree takes work. Look at the iconic Brawny Man for starters. The Chopper weighs just 4 lbs, but with different grip positioning, the tool provides multiple weight loads. If you hold closer to the top, you get a lighter load. By moving down the handle, you can have a 16-pound workload. The Chopper has a solid metal core that is fixed to a reinforced plastic handle. 

There’s also an accompanying app loaded with workouts to fully take advantage of the Chopper. Each 20-minute routine is a great workout alone or as an addition to your other exercises. The app also has a real-time dashboard that keeps track of your progress. The Chopper also comes with a wrist strap to keep it secure during all the swinging as well as provide extra grip. The Chopper will give you a new way to mix it up during your next indoor workout routine. It will work all the muscles you never knew you had. Buy Here