Wear Christmas on Your Face With the Christmas Tree Beard Kit

Christmas seems a long way from now, but like the Grinch, it can sneak up on us at any second. Holiday gatherings may be getting a trim this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be festive. You can still have your annual family traditions, but with some adjustments. Instead of 20 people around the table for dinner, it’ll be 20 pixelated squares on Zoom. Awkward political discussions you want to avoid? Smash that mute button. 

Another big holiday tradition in households is the debate over real or fake Christmas trees. Be the middle ground and the liveliest and most fun version by putting the tree on yourself. No, we’re not talking about those amazing ugly Christmas sweaters with the tree and ornaments. This will take the festivities to a whole new level. So brush out that beard and dress it up with the Christmas Tree Beard Kit! Pair it with that ugly Christmas sweater and you’ve got yourself a party.

The most festive beard in town

If you ever thought your beard was too boring, what’s a better time than the holidays to dress it up? This festive kit will have all eyes on you. It includes green shimmer beard paint to give your pride and joy some subtle sparkle. You can even use any leftover paint on your eyebrows and hair for that full Christmas look. There are clip-on baubles as the ornaments to your tree beard in good ol’ red and green shades. It’s the ultimate facial fuzz transformation and all that’s left to do is surround yourself with gifts. Although the pandemic means that everyone will have you appreciate your shimmering beard’s glory through a screen, it’s still a fun way to bring in the holiday spirit. 

The Christmas Tree Beard Kit hails from Firebox, a source of unusual gifts and goodies. Firebox sells lots of fun products you would never have dreamed of, which make great real or gag gifts. Buy Here

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