The Chrysler Portal Concept Minivan Was Designed Specifically For Millennials

The Chrysler Portal concept is an all-electric minivan that was created specifically for Millennials. Or, in other words, it was created to lure Millennials into sweet, sweet van ownership. How devious!

If you’re like me, you just screamed, “Oh hell no!” Because as cool as this thing is, I think I would rather spend the extra money on buying a gigantic, gas-guzzling SUV over being labeled a minivan owner. But that’s just me. Maybe you have been dying for a cooler, more technologically advanced minivan. If so, then today is your Christmas.

Here’s what the Chrysler Portal has to offer according to CNET:

Thanks to a collection of cameras, radar, LiDAR and ultrasonic sensors, the Portal concept is capable of Level 3 autonomous driving. Level 3 is where the vehicle begins to assume monitoring duties. A driver is still required to intervene where necessary, but the car should be doing most of the work on its own in a majority of situations.

Face and voice recognition allows the Portal to configure itself for individual drivers and passengers, from vehicle temperature to music and other basic settings. The Portal’s voice controls extend to all passengers, as well. Even something simple like paying for a fast food meal can be done through the vehicle, no physical wallet required.

To be fair, this looks better than a minivan.

Here are a few more images of the Chrysler Portal

chrysler portal chrysler portal

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