The CIGA Designed Mechanical Skeleton Watch: A Luxury Time Piece for The Masses

If you ask my wife, she will tell you that one of my favorite things in the world are wrist watches. I love how mechanical watches are and how each little piece works together to tell you the time. Not to mention that nothing can bring an outfit or suit together like a high quality stylish time piece. 

The problem is that most guys who want a high quality watch quickly find that they can’t afford one due to the ridiculous prices. This is especially true if you’re looking for a luxury skeleton watch that shows you the inner-workings of the watch. Something I find to be incredibly cool.  

But guys, I’ve got great news. Thanks to the team at CIGA Design you can now have an awesome skeleton timepiece watch for under $250 during their IndieGoGo launch. 

Designed by internationally renowned designer Michael Young, the MY Series CIGA Design Titanium Edition Watch will turn heads without busting your wallet. As the name of this watch implies, the outer case of this watch is made from titanium. Titanium is a very strong material so you can bet this watch can take a hit with out missing a beat. 

Let’s discuss the skeleton design of this watch for a moment. First off, I really like the front design. It shows you a lot of the inner workings of the watch, but not so much that it loses its sense of style. Another cool thing about the design is that unlike most skeleton watches, you can see through the back of the titanium cover as well. As a watch nerd I could look at this thing for hours just memorized by its inner workings.

This watch comes with two different strap options. The first is a silicone strap that you can get in several different colors. I opted for the genuine leather strap as it classes up the whole look of the watch.

Putting the strap on the watch was a different experience. With the MY Series CIGA Design Titanium Edition Watch straps are actually interchangeable. You can change the straps using the switch-type spring bar. This unique technology is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Just have patience and be sure to read the directions and you’ll be on your way to creating unique looks for your watch.

An upgrade from the previous edition of this watch is the luminous hands. You will be able to easily tell the time no matter what environment you are in. 

Packaging for this watch is also very cool and gives a gift-worthy opening experience. I’m sure any friend or loved one would be thrilled to see this watch as a gift for a special occasion. 

All in all, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the MY Series CIGA Design Titanium Edition Watch. I highly recommend it to any readers of TDW and hope you’ll consider supporting their campaign to get this watch in the hands of many. Buy Here


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