“City Quitters” Explores Creativity in Rural Living

The hustle and bustle of city life isn’t for everyone. And even if it is, you gotta admit it can be overwhelming at times. City Quitters: An Exploration of Post-Urban Life is an inspiring book that’s shedding light on what life can be like if you abandon your metrocard for the countryside. Stuck in a creative rut? Maybe explore outside the city. Author Karen Rosenkranz is a product designer by training who has worked as an ethnographer and trend forecaster. She spent most of her career researching people’s behaviors and attitudes. Her passion for social patterns paired with her rural Austrian roots led to the creation of City Quitters. The 256-page hardcover book explores the people and scenes outside urban spaces.

The pressures of urban living and the restricted freedom that comes with it has creatives seeking refuge in the countryside. Rosenkranz highlights the individual stories of these creative professionals and answers the question of whether it’s possible to have a creative life in a rural setting. The book touches on themes such as creativity, community, work, lifestyle, sustainability, art, design, food, and nature. City Quitters is also rich with photography and showcases important aspects of these rural lifestyles. From experimental communal living in a renaissance castle to ceramic production in the isolated desert, Rosenkranz covers a variety of alternative ways of living and working away from big cities. She also highlights influential projects and initiatives, showing the value creative thinking brings to the countryside. The book also features cultural institutions, communal initiatives, and companies that are bringing interest to rural or underdeveloped areas. Buy Here


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