Civilized to Death Book: Is Progress Helping… Or Hurting Us?

As time progresses so do the ways humans live. Whether it’s technology, information, food, entertainment, or anything else, people are always pushing forward. On the surface, this is certainly a good thing. However, the book ‘Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress’ doesn’t just look on the surface. In these pages, they take a deep look into how our modern lives are affecting our thoughts, emotions, health, and much more. I can’t promise it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but maybe it’s the wake-up call we all need to hear.

Are Civilizations Best Days Behind Us?

With modern technology, we have improved lots of things in our lives. Information is at our fingertips, travel is made much more easily and quickly, and things like food and leisurely activities are all around us. As good as these things sound, they all come at a cost. Maybe we don’t have to worry about protecting ourselves from carnivorous animals or being able to hunt enough food for our families, but there are many other worries we do have now. Because of the things we eat and put in our bodies, diseases and sicknesses such as cancer are much more common now than ever. With modern transportation, we also suffer millions of deaths in car accidents every year. Sure, lots of the worries of the stone age men are no longer here. But these modern times have brought on just as many modern killers. From war and murderers to a decline in mental health, our progress is slowly killing us.

Can we rewind the clock to simpler times? Or will our progress eventually go so far that all these dangers are gone too? I can’t tell you that, but ‘Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress’ certainly has some good ideas. Regardless of the answer, this book may be able to reshape the way you live to be happier, safer, and healthier; even among all the chaos of modern civilization. Buy Here


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