Clarity Tank Is The Sensory Deprivation Chamber For Your Home

You might be a little suspicious about why you need a sensory deprivation tank in your home. After all, you aren’t torturing anyone in there. Well, we hope not anyway. But that isn’t why. Bear with us.

Another name for the sensory deprivation tank is simply a float tank. Yeah, yeah, we know that isn’t as intriguing. Still, there are many benefits to partaking in this floatation therapy. When you sink into the warm, body-temperature water you get the instant sensation of weightlessness. Even for those of us who can’t float, the high content of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) keeps you above water. Since almost everyone is deficient in these two minerals, floating in a pool of them causes your body to absorb them. From there, they decrease your nervous system, anxiety, and release endorphins (pain blocking chemicals in your brain).

That’s not all. When you enter a float tank, the weightlessness can help heal sore muscles, joints, and even migraines. On top of this, float therapy has even been proven to help with insomnia, arthritis, autism, diabetes, and addiction.

Until now, you had to go to an expensive spa or hippie establishment to experience the benefits of float therapy. Now, the Clarity Tank lets you do it in your own home.

The pod itself is 98” long x 47” wide x 59” deep. An insulated acrylic cast is fitted with a hydraulic lid to assist you with opening the pod. It features three different pipes to ensure even distribution and an easy access drain for when you’re finished. If you want, a Bluetooth music system can integrate with the pod, allowing you to take your favorite relaxing songs with you.

The Clarity Tank features a UL-listed 5,500W@240V heater that is more than capable of keeping your water temperature perfect for your whole session. This means you won’t have interruptions and won’t need to change the temperature or add more warm water. It features 50 square feet of selective filtration power that keeps a high salt concentration in the pod and filters out any other particles. A user-friendly control panel lets you be in charge of the pump and temperature.

The tank comes with Wi-Fi hook up standard, allowing you to start the pump and heat the pod from your smartphone. That’s right, just start it up when you get home from work and it will be ready for you by the time you get changed. The exterior the pod comes in a sleek white finish or a natural wood to help it blend in with any home. As a bonus, the Clarity Tank also comes with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt to get you started. This is more than enough to get you going on your road to relaxation, recovery, and clarity. With the Clarity Tank, you can float your worries away right at home. Learn More


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