Coffee with a Twist: CBD Infused Cold Brew

Mary Joe has put a unique and new spin on cold brew coffee. Their signature, high-quality cold brew is now infused with CBD… but it’s not what you’d think. For those of you who have never heard this acronym, it stands for Cannabidiol, and to briefly explain, it makes up about 40% of the cannabis plants extract. However, this isn’t a drug-infused coffee used to get yourself a little high. It’s a nutritious (more mature if you will) spin on the CBD infused market.

Behind the Brew of Mary Joes Cup o’ Joe

This homegrown business is not into selling cheap watered down coffee-milkshakes for pre-teens. They produce a rich and fine brew that they take pride in. This drink is made using a very high-quality blend of coffee, extremely pure water, and of course, the CBD which is tested and produced in a laboratory. So what’s the deal with this CBD infusion? Well, most importantly this is non-psychoactive hemp. What this means is that the extract has less than 0.03% THC. IF you’re looking for a high, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The cannabis is used for its nutritional and health benefits in this brew.

With the growing legalization of marijuana and cannabis, there is a growing market of infused foods and drinks. For those interested in the health aspect of the oils and plant, this coffee strikes the sweet spot. In the words of Mary Joe themselves, “we invite you to drink this product in good health, sound mind and uplifted spirit”. This drink is for those looking for something to get them up in the morning as well as keep their spirit and mind happy and healthy.

Coffee is what gets so many of us up in the morning, it’s what gets us to work and even through each day. Mary Joes CBD infused Cold Brew does more. If you want to do more and feel more, drink the cold brew that uplifts your spirit, as well as help open your eyes in the morning. Buy Here

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