Coinmine Is The Device That Lets You Mine Cryptocurrency At Home

Cryptocurrency has exploded as all the rage in the last five or so years. Some have made people millionaires overnight, others have flopped. Still, one of the coolest things about the digital coins is that you can mine them for yourself. That’s right people, this is like the gold rush all over again. Except for this time, you’re mining for numbers in a computer. Coinmine is the easy-to-use device that lets you become a cryptocurrency pioneer and mine the stuff from home.

The Coinmine is about the same size as an Xbox and looks about the same as well. Instead of letting you play Fortnite, it lets you mine cryptocurrency easily. It aims to make crypto more convenient and user-friendly for everyone. Rather than typical mining software and a self-made mining rig, the Coinmine is an all-inclusive solution. It cuts out expensive, time-consuming do it yourself solutions and gets you mining quickly. The plug-in device and mobile wallet is even powered by its own proprietary operating system Mine OS.

The company behind Coinmine claims that their device uses less energy than a PlayStation once you plug it in. After that, all you have to do is open the convenient mobile app and choose which cryptocurrency you want to mine. You can see how much you’ve earned, change to another currency, or add additional Coinmine boxes to your account all within the app.

With the simple interface and easy to use Mine OS, you’ll be mining in no time. Currently, the network supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, and Zcash with several more to be added in the days to come. Still not convinced? The company likens its product to a dating app you might be familiar with: Tinder. They claim that Coinmine will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world just like the dating app did the dating game. And, if you’re so busy mining cryptocurrency that you haven’t gotten on Tinder, you might want to look into a two for one special with Coinmine and Tinder.

Sure, we know that mining cryptocurrency might make you think of a greasy guy living in his mom’s basement surrounded by Dorito crumbs and cigarette butts. Fortunately, Coinmine CEO Farb Nivi has something to say on the matter, “Crypto is not just about buying and selling magical internet coins… It’s about people combining computation to decentralize the world’s money and information from the hands of a few and into the hands of the many. We made this easy enough for anyone to do.”

Until now, mining crypto has been a tedious process that requires a lot of technical know-how and patience. Fortunately, the Coinmine takes the difficulty out of it. Dare we say, you and Coinmine, it’s a match!

All you need to get going and start earning money by mining cryptocurrency is this cool little device, a power outlet, and an internet connection. Is there really any reason not to try it out? Free money, revolutionizing the financial industry, and doing it all without lifting a finger… sounds like a win-win-win to us. Buy Here



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