Rock The Streets With These Timeless High Tops

Did you know that the original basketball shoe is often dated back to 1892? That’s right, over 125 years. The grandfather of the modern basketball shoe is the previously extinct company Colchester Rubber Co. Their original shoe redefined the sneaker industry before an economic depression tanked the company just after Dr. Naismith’s invention of the game we all love.

Now, the original basketball shoe is represented by this awesome sneaker that will have you rocking the streets. We don’t recommend it for the hardwood, but you can pay homage to the sport by wearing these off the court.

Vintage Inspired

You’ll instantly notice that this shoe features the same silhouette as the basketball shoes we wear to play. A 5 inch high-top design here provides style and yes, ankle support. You never know when you’ll need to cross someone up.

Victorian Era designs and details enhance the vintage image of this shoe. Whether you’re completing a skater ensemble or wearing them with your dress clothes in true hipster fashion, these shoes are up for the task.

Underneath, the sole features traditional turkey feather patterning for some subtle style. It also provides quality traction. Grip is a problem in a lot of high tops (yes, Converse, we’re looking at you) but you won’t have that issue in these. Besides being functional, this fun pattern is something you won’t find on many shoes. Not even the eccentric Kyrie line from Nike.

Modern Redesign

While the Colchester renaissance began in 2004 because someone found an original 1892 pair in a California estate sale, you won’t want to wear hundred year old shoes. Fortunately, the makers of the shoe agree. They have re-engineered the shoe to keep you comfortable by 21st century standards.

First among these features is a built-in arch. For those of us not gifted with a strong arch, this is a lifesaver. Once again, high top shoes often fall short in this area leaving your feet sore after a day of wear. Fortunately, these are built for comfort and you won’t find yourself sore when you take them off at home.

From a company with the word rubber in their name, you’re probably thinking of rugged, ugly things. You’d be right about one of them. And not the ugly one. These shoes do feature vulcanized rubber and canvas construction, making them extremely durable for years of daily use. Meanwhile, you’ll find the original Colchester Rubber Co. logo seal stitched on the inside ankle of each shoe. This nice touch gives respect to the grandfather of basketball shoes while also adding as stylish touch to the sneaker.

Great with jeans, khakis, or even cargo shorts, these high tops are what you’ll want to be wearing day in and day out. When you aren’t on the court at least. Thank goodness we don’t have to play basketball in these. We’ll take a pair of LeBrons or Jordans any day. Still, there aren’t many better choices for when you step off the hardwood and into the streets. These shoes definitely won’t disappoint. Buy Here


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