Hit the Hay in Comfort With the Spacious Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Who says you have to really rough it when it comes to camping? Whether you’re traveling with family, your best buds, or by yourself, make your next outdoor adventure a little more comfortable with a spacious tent. If you’re looking for outdoor rec products, you can’t go wrong with Coleman. Coleman has been a big part of people’s outdoor experiences since 1900, starting with founder William Coffin Coleman’s gasoline pressure lamps. Since then, the company has expanded to lighting, stoves, coolers, sleeping bags, camping tools, tents, and more.

Smart design, powerful protection

The Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent is engineered to be stronger than regular tents. It features a more wind-responsive frame with redesigned poles and guy-out triangles. This camping tent’s unique pole design allows it to pop into place quickly, so you can focus on fun instead of setting up. Who wants to be pitching a tent for 30 minutes to an hour when you could be jumping into the lake? The pre-assembled poles mean set up in as little as 10 seconds!

When the weather isn’t on your side and the ground is soaking wet, the tent’s taped floor seams will help keep you dry. The seams are inverted and welding-inspired tech strengthens the tent floor, making needle holes unnecessary, which increases weather resistance. The tent has a zipper cuff as well that’s made of weather-resistant fabric, adding protection from the elements to the door. The multi-position rainfly provides ample protection and ventilation. 

You won’t be huffing and puffing when carrying this tent. Although it has a large capacity, the tent is lightweight and portable. It can fold flat for quick and easy storage. The tent has enough room for four camp pads and has two integrated storage pockets to organize your gear. You won’t lose your phone, flashlight, or emergency midnight candy bar when you’re staying in this tent. As perfect and functional the tent is for camping, this spacious abode is great for music festivals too! Buy Here

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