Collins Gourmet Olives Will Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level

Collins Gourmet Olives

Collins Gourmet Olives are here to take your cocktails to the next level. Adding premium ingredients to your cocktails at home often starts and ends with the liquor. Everyone chooses to use the finest quality liquor available when pouring a cocktail at home. But when it comes time to add the mixers or accessories there’s often a void of quality ingredients. That’s where Collins Gourmet Olives come into play.

Collins is a Chicago-based company specializing in quality cocktail ingredients. They’ve recently rolled out a line of cocktail mixers that have received rave reviews. Those mixers include pre-made Bloody Mary, Dirty Martini, and Manhattan mix that only requires you to add the alcohol. After experimenting with Collins cocktail mixers I was turned onto their premium olives.

Collins Chicago makes a wide array of premium cocktail ingredients including asparagus, green beans, and olives. Within that selection, there’s a wide array of olive options. Below, I’ve included three of the best Collins gourmet olive options. I’m partial to the Collins Gourmet Olives with feta but you might prefer the pitted or pimento olives. My advice to you would be to try several of the selections and experiment to pinpoint which is your favorite.

Collins Gourmet Olives Stuffed With

Collins Gourmet Olives

  • Perfect for making a dirty martini
  • Mediterranean flavor with a salty finish
  • Long-lasting cocktail ingredient that’s best served chilled

Buy: $16

Collins Gourmet Spanish Queen Pimento Martini Olives

Collins Gourmet Olives

  • Spanish Queen pimento olives are perfect for martinis and bloody mary’s
  • Authentic Queen Olives from Spain

Buy: $12.50

Collins Gourmet Pitted Queen Olives

Collins Gourmet Olives

  • Gourmet pitted olives waiting to be stuff with cheese of your choosing
  • 100% genuine imported Queen olives from Spain
  • Absolutely bursting with flavor

Buy: $13

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