Comau Mate Exoskeleton Offers Support To Workers

There are gadgets for fun, gadgets for productivity, and for entertainment. Then there are gadgets built to truly make a difference. That’s the category that the Mate exoskeleton from Comau Robotics.

Though their company mainly focuses on robots and automation bots, Comau has recently announced a new product. The Mate exoskeleton is designed to improve the lives and work of everyday workers. Whether this in a factory, construction, or manual labor. This exoskeleton is designed with a team of orthopedic doctors and robotic engineering experts. The result? A truly impactful product.

Mate fits on to your back and shoulders like a backpack. A series of comfortable, breathable straps secure it to you around your shoulders, chest, and waist. The lightweight frame is comfortable and perfect for all-day wear. It works with a passive series of springs so it isn’t weighed down with a bulky battery or tangling wires.

The exoskeleton was designed in close collaboration with factory workers who are engaged in manual activity throughout the day. Mechanisms in the exoskeleton help support the arms during repetitive motion to reduce fatigue and improve performance. It also helps improve posture as you wear it throughout the day. For workers who use their hands all day, the Mate exoskeleton helps reduce pain and soreness. In turn, this leads to better quality work and production while keeping workers safe.

We love this concept and can’t wait to see how technology, robotics, and science continues to impact the world for the better. The Mate exoskeleton will be available in December of 2018. Learn More



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