Flirt Like a Pro With the Help of Conversation Casanova

It’s easier than ever nowadays to connect. With dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OKCupid, there’s no shortage of fish in the sea for you to catch with the convenience of your phone. As easy as apps make it seem, they are just the platforms. There are still the basic parts of courtship that you should probably learn to really grab someone’s attention.

Whether it’s the olden days of speed dating events and bumping into someone at a bookstore or the modern age of dating through your phone, conversation is key. Without it, you really get nowhere. A good conversation makes all the difference between being left on “Read” for the last week and a second date. Beat the awkward silence at dinner with Conversation Casanova: How to Effortlessly Start Conversations and Flirt Like a Pro by Dave Perrotta. Perrotta’s book serves as a guide for all the hopeless gents to harness the power of conversation.

Perrotta is a dating coach and bestselling author. He founded to help men master their dating lives, flirt better, and be authentic. Perrotta has written several coaching books and regularly shares dating tips and tricks on PostGradCasanova and his YouTube channel.

Six key parts to Conversation Casanova status

The 214-page book is divided into six key parts, each focusing on either the mindset or practice of conversation. There are action tips in every section, so you can put Perrotta’s tactics to the test. The first section dives into the four mindsets that are essential to flirting, which Perrotta dubs the “Casanova Mindsets,” the foundation of your transformation. That part will explore the importance of your mindset. Without a positive outlook and good mindset, it’d be tough to overcome any conversational blockades.

The first part also looks into taking responsibility, overcoming the need for validation, living and acting with a purpose, and when she’s into you. Your mindset is everything. The second section brings you to the basics of conversation and how to initiate it. How do you approach her and what do you say when you slide into those DMs? This part will help you start the conversation and develop it into something more.

Part three brings you to flirting with and without your words. The fourth section dives into how to connect with women. You’ll learn what to do and what not to do so your conversations flow smoothly. Part five teaches you how to capture a woman’s attention with conversation and kick-ass stories and how to present yourself in an attractive way. You obviously gotta work in that story where you rescued a family of baby birds that fell from a tree. And how you built a dining room table for your grandma.

The final part gives you more conversation tips and strategies to really lock it down. The book is chock full of helpful tips including foolproof conversation starters, topics to talk about, and questions to ask on the first date. Perrotta uses relatable scenarios throughout Conversation Casanova that bring you back to some cringey moments that you probably blocked from your memory. But with the help of Perrotta, that’ll change. Buy Here


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